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get cheap or free fifa 15 coins


Really excited about the England FIFA 15 team

Really pleased that Harry Kane is finally given his chance. Brazil was just a blip but I think that we could be really competitive in the euros and the next fifa 15 coins world cup and could potentially win both. Hart proved why he is the best keeper in the world last night. We are solid in defence with the likes of Shawcross and Cahill. We have exciting young attacking potential world class talents like Barkley, Lallana and Sterling. We also have the likes of the ox and walcott on the bench which shows strength in depth. At the top end we have top , top strikers with rooney, kane, sturridge and welbeck. I'm very bullish that we will win our next few games against lithuania and italy at a canter because no disrespect, they aren't very good. People go on about italy but I don't see it, costa rica beat them in the world cup. What are your thoughts on the england squad? Not many squads better than ours imo full of young exciting talents. Stick to watching Derby and not worrying about the England team, if you watched the Prem week in week out then you will see how many fifa coins pc players don't deserve to be there


FIFA 16 Starhead Thread

It's back- the Starhead Thread returns for FIFA 16 coins. FIFA 15 brought new scans for 21 current and former Barclays Premier League teams, narrowly topping EA's previous effort for FIFA 14 which featured the scan of 17 clubs. The hope from us all is that EA can continue to build on that number and, in that sense, bring the game closer to real life. As we all know, news on starheads became increasingly difficult to come by last year, and with EA taking it upon themselves to put out a full list of every player who was given a new face, much of the fun from having the starhead thread in years past was lost. Even though another thread may seem pointless or redundant at first, it's good to have a place to post rumors, discussion, and who knows, maybe a few leaks in the months leading up to release. So here we go. Keep your fingers crossed for another good fifa coins ps4 year for faces!


The "How to get FIFA silver green irish players" Thread

Hey guys, don't think I've ever made a thread over here and haven't been on the forums for almost 2 years I think, but anyway.. Since I got every Irish silver player + some duplicates 4 duplicate Stokes, a Westwood, Given cheap fifa 15 coins, Dunne and Duff on my tradepile I'm here to help you! Do the following: 1. Put in 10 000 Lowest Bin, 20 500 max Bin 2. put in ROI and silver in your search 3. go to the card that is the nearest to the 59th, ideally a card over 59th min 4. press Y (or the equivalent on PS) so you go to your watchlist, press B so you come back to the search. That way the cards will update and if a green card pops up, you only need to bin it it will be gone in matter of seconds, so be fast 5. Repeat Enjoy and good luck buy fifa coins!


FIFA 15: learn how to defend with new tutorial video

FIFA 15 coins is not easy, and if you’ve got a hefty Ultimate Team transaction riding on a match outcome, you need to play your best. EA Sports is here to help. This FIFA 15 guide video explains the basics of defending. For veterans this will be old hat, but if online encounters are anything to go by there are a lot of players out there who could learn a thing or two from this. Thanks, EA Sports. Next, may we request a video explaining how not to scream racist, sexist homophobic obscenities when your own incompetence lets the opposition trample you? That’s another thing a lot of players could stand to get a handle on.


Think the cap is bad FIFA 15 idea

dont get me wrong I do like it but same question just keeps buy fifa coins pc going over and over in my head. Have ea beat coin sellers I think they have not. So Fut 16 starts say messi is 1 million max. And the coin glich is still there who is really gaining out the xafs. The time it takes someone to trade to 1 mill got to be fast. And it wil be same with all high end players really as a coin seller can generate millions a day were the average gamer can't. So to me the ones that really gain out the situation are the coin sellers that are buying the Ronaldo messi for there max and the ones that actually pull them giving them the generated coins. I could be wrong but if this glich is stil there for fifa 16 then coin sellers instantly have the xafs under control even if they can sell coins. There going to use them accounts to sell them with the players intact.


Lookin to start new U.S/Canada based FIFA 15 PS4 Club

Hey guys, i'm lookin to create a new U.S. based club. Lookin to be competitive but also have a good time. Lookin for members to be 21+, 18 if mature. Sorry just not lookin to play with any kids. All positions open!! Would prefer you to have some prior club experience. Having a mic is a must!!! We're going to be a possession based club, so if all you wanna do is get cheap fifa coins ps4 the ball and shoot don't waste my time or yours. Once I get some commitments i'll create a "starter" club just so we can build some chem. Once we're ready we'll re-create the club for real. I'm not expecting to win every game but we will I hope be a Div. 1 Club. Just lookin for a solid base of guys to build around. Hit me up on PSN if interested. ID is dabloodyirish Thanks guys!


3-5-1 FIFA Formation

The 3-5-1 formation in Fifa 15 coins is new to me. I've figured out as much as the formation allowing three goals being scored against my team without much trouble. I'm guessing the 3-5-1 is not a formation to choose when considering defense? Thoughts are appreciated. 3 5 1 isn't a formation unless you've had a man sent off, you may have meant 3 5 2. 3 5 2 is a good formation for maintaining midfield dominance while making use of good forwards. Firstly it has a solid defensive component because there is always a spare man. Usually other formations will have a front 2 or lone striker acting centrally. Having a spare man means you'll always be able to double up on a forward. It also places emphasis on natural wing backs as opposed to attacking minded full backs. The wing backs more or less are just deep lying wingers. Think Rafael, or the way Van Gaal has used Ashley Young this season. It's a very good formation if you're looking to dictate tempo or have a quick get out option in wide areas and its a solid formation in containg a 4 2 3 1. Deep lying play makers can thrive in this formation, think Pirlo. As for weaknesses, it's suspect at the back IF your back 3 aren't possitionally astute. If one of them gets dragged in midfield or goes missing it leaves massive holes because the formation has no full backs. Teams that use it today? Van Gaal used it very often this season with United but United's defense is terrible so they stopped. Juve used it for 3 buy fifa coins ps4 years runnin from 2012 and so idid Napoli when Cavani was still in the ranks. Most recent good application of it was the 2014 world cup, the Netherlands used it vs Spain


Best (out of position) FIFA 15 CAM

I'm looking for a CAM to build a team around in a 4-2-3-1 (2) formation. I have noticed certain players that are not designated as CAM's are very good fifa 15 coins pc in this position. Pogba for example was amazing for me playing there. I heard Touré also stands out as a CAM but have not been able to try him yet. So far I have played Gotze, James, Fabregas, Schweinsteiger and Pogba as CAM's. What are your suggestions on the best players for the CAM position, that you've used? I don't mind having a converted striker or CDM in this position or even a winger at a lower chemistry rating (provided that they are better then a CAM on full chem). Probably gonna give fifa coins Jovetic a try! I agree that suarez looks amazing as a CAM but unfortunately, I cant afford him yet. Rooney also seems like a very suitable (cheaper) alternative to play at this position. Might try him aswell.


Diary of a Fifa Nub

I suck donkey balls and i know it but that doesnt mean i dont want to improve - Unlike 95% of the forumers here who seem to have god like buy fifa coins records and countless trophies im just your average run of the mill player you meet daily ingame... W145 - D93 - L133 (Divisions Only) Thats my record id say i deserved to lose around half of those games to superior opponents and i always tell them that on mic rather than scream and rant like some ive met lol - I have ALOT of draws and id say 90% are 0-0 where i couldnt kill them off and there GK got a 9.8 Superman Show Been in division 1 a few times just to drop out again but no fault other than my own because im CONSTANTLY changing my formation and players i mean i must have bought and sold the top 100 players in the game at least 10x lol Getting tired of this now but i refuse to give up playing a game i love sooooo rather than moan and curse EA for the obvious issues we all have some point id appreciate some advice or even help on what i should do to get out of this rut and back to enjoying the game again PS. Soz for any Caps ive used and please feel free to comment fifa coins if you feel it would help


Hosting FIFA 15 Pack Opening only Tournament. Details below

Sup everyone!! I thought it would be fun setting up a 50 premium gold pack, "pack only player" FUT tournament. Meaning, the participants will crack open 50 premium gold packs, and put together a team using the players you got in the fifa 15 coins packs!! It will be a 10 team tournament, and a home and away double elimination tournament! Hopefully, people will be honest enough not to cheat, even if it's to get a cheap stud like ibarbo... So, I'm requesting everyone post their team, and show they are the"1st owner" along with today's date. This is for the ps4 system Winner will get 100k, runner up gets 50k!! The reason I decided to set this up is, A. I'd like to see just how good people are on lower rated teams. B. Finding a reason to play with players we usually discard and sell while opening packs. C. I'm curious to see who we pull, and how creative people get with these teams,. D. A friend and u did this last week, and we had a real life money wager on our own tournament. Well, his team lucked out and got aguero, along with Dea Gea in goal, Cuadrado, Remy, IF smalling, Zabelleta, and walcott.. I made a hybrid team with my best player, UP Boateng, Ibarbo lol, hamsik, Bender brothers, Hummels, IF Trapp, schmelzer, pizseck, etc. He won on a way aggregate, but it was a blast! If the tournament is a success, and those involved enjoy it, we can set up more pack only player tournaments like this featuring the same players, or we can add more packs to the teams, etc.. The first 9 people to respond on here will be entered in the tourny. You must add everyone as a friend, join the party when ready, be willing to post your 1st owner pic of team, Also, a headset would be nice.. Oh, forgot to mention, I will personally reward the person with the most valuable packed player pulled, and the highest rated player pulled! If that person is me, well guess that means I'll reward myself with a couple shots of vodka lol. Once again, this is on the fifa 15 coins ps4 system

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