get cheap or free fifa 15 coins

get cheap or free fifa 15 coins


FIFA 15 Games are too long and you don't get paid enough

The standard FIFA games used to be 4 minute halves for years, but now we play 6 minute halves ( a whole other half) and get paid jack * for our efforts. Even winning division one which is an almighty and stressful feat you get cheap fifa coins paid chump change. If I play 2 games, it takes over a half hour of non stop action and I get a measly 1000 coins. No wonder people spend most of their time not actually playing, but working the transfer xafs, or buying coins from a third party site. We should get rewarded more for actually playing. I agree with the not getting paid enough. We need to get more for winning D1 and games. 500 a game and 15k for winning D1 is not even close to enough. Should be at least a tradable 50k pack. Match coins in general should be worth more. You pretty much have to play all year non-stop to afford high end teams, be good at trading, or spend money. Of course we already know which EA would rather you do. That's why I wouldn't expect any changes fifa 15 coins.



Don’t believe me just watch. People might be starting to tire of it now because it’s barely off the radio, but Uptown Funk, the collaboration between Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, is as big a hit as there has been in years. So big, in fact, that gamers using the cheap FIFA coins Pro Clubs option on FIFA ’15 have even adapted it into a custom goal celebration. Granted, it’s mostly the goalscorer and a team-mate doing the same dance over and over again, but we do like the disco-style colour effects that kick in around the 1:14 mark. Besides, could you imagine how annoying it would be for your opponent to have to sit through this AFTER having conceded a goal, when their mood is likely to be spiky at best?


When are squad FIFA 15 updates released

I'm not talking about the january update, which I know is sometime in early to mid february. But so far, the teams have been gradually updated throughout the transfer window. I think I have been able to download two squad updates so far, first with the likes of Schwarzer to Leicester for example, and now last week with Defore being in the Sunderland team. Do these happen on a weekly basis, or is it just coincidence that I have been able to get these so far? And also, do you think EA will add Martin ?degaard to Real Madrid? Or will he not be included since he is starting with the Castilla team? He is a full international player so he should be in the Norway National team at least. Thanks in advance! I'm on fifa coins PS3 btw I think they are normally done on a Friday evening (UK time). As for ?degaard, if it is like players in recent years then he won't be added. I think the age is taken at the start of the season/when the game came out and he was 15 then so couldn't legally be included in the game (this is my theory - I know you legally have to be 16+ to be in the game).


The solution against FIFA autobuyers?

The buy fifa 15 coins idea probably has been suggested before, but we all now the coinfarmers/coinsellers are ruining the xafs. To solve the problem, you have to prevent that cards can be bought buy autobuyers. We've all seen it before, you sell a card at xafs price and within 0.000001 seconds the card is bought... mostly buy an autobuyer who uses a bot. What can we do? Outsmart the bots. Wouldn't it be a solution if at every BIN'ed card, you have to enter a security code (something like this: If you don't enter the correct code within 10 minutes, the card goes back to the seller and if you fail to input the correct for something like 5 BIN'ed cards, the account gets cheap fifa coins suspended. A solution? Or not?


Help me prove that playing FIFA is beneficial - Psychological Study

This questionnaire will evaluate the positive impacts of digital gaming which will provide a valuable insight with regards to social identity and gaming. This will take approximately 10-15 minutes. If you play FIFA coins online please click on the link below for further information. Of course there is no obligation for you to take part and if you wish to withdraw you may do so at any time without having to give any reason for doing so. Copy and paste link below. Many thanks for your time. As a psych major myself i can already tell you that, in the field of psychology, no study "proves" anything. There can only be a strong correlation, but correlation does not imply causation lol First you shouldnt consider any members on the forum as its skewed to people who hate the game. Most are here to complain and vent their anger.


CAM Looking for club (any Div / FIFA 15 PS4)

PSN ID : Bazza2204 Region: UK Postion(s) Played: CAM (don't mind playing as RM/LM, more of an attack minded player rather than defensive) Overall: 82 Club Type Desired: I'm looking for a club that wants to play seriously but can have a laugh when necessary. I'm also looking for a club that actually works as a team and not something that has people thinking they are the stars of the show, each trying to run with the ball by themselves and inevitably losing the ball. Additional Info: I'm usually on everyday at different times but if there is a specific time I'm needed I can get cheap fifa 15 coins online. I'm also looking for a club with a quite a few people that play the game frequently enough so that the club isn't dead.


Offline FIFA BS again

I'm trying to beat all of the offline divisions and have gotten to everything but Division one. As most people know the AI in offline mode are almost perfect in every aspect of the game. I started counting the 50/50 balls, tackles headers etc. in a game vs. WC or higher mode. The AI has easily won 90% buy fifa 15 coins or more of all of the 50/50 balls. When I slide tackle the AI either jumps over my tackle (I wish my players could do this) or the ball goes to one of the other AI players. The thing that * me off the most is when you tackle the ball and both your player and the AI player fall down. The AI always gets up first and takes the ball back. I have counted 15 times in a row that this has happened. How the F%^&*K is that fair. Not only is the AI perfect it makes your players play stupid. I've had Messi & Aguero all of a sudden forget how to either trap the ball or dribble and it goes right back to the AI. What a bunch of S^&*(T!!!! I can't wait to finish this and get over with it. Yup, offline is a disgrace. They basically make your good players feel like bronzes and remove all strength. It's no fun at all and I guess the developers have no idea how to make the game harder without making your fifa coins players rubbish.


Tournament FIFA 15 Bug

So this has happened to me twice today now during the TOTY fifa 15 coins cup: 1st time: I was playing a guy in the semi final, I won the game and suddenly I was back in the round of sixteen without having played a single game? 2nd time: I was in the actual final round, looking for a game, I think the servers crashed or I had to login again and suddenly (you can guess it now): I was back in the round of sixteen. It's getting quite frustrating to play a tournament this way. Have you guys seen this before, and if so, know any way to prevent it from happening?


4-3-2-1 experts needed FIFA 15

hey guys, at first sorry for my bad english. i am a german kartoffel :-) i play a posession based tiki taka fifa 15 coins style since many years. but i'm getting a little bit bored of it in league 2. so i decided to make a new counter attack team (direct lightning fast play). this is my team. i played 3 matches yesterday (with wilshere zm). it's so much fun!!! but i have 2 problems. 1. playing aguero in the middle oder di maria in the middle? thoughts? 2. ccm should be my playmaker. (toure at the moment). could i play sif silva in the middle and toure and matic (love him) on the side? what are your thoughts and meanings about the midfield three? what what be your bpl midfield? I have played mostly this formation and since I packed TOTY Di maria I am changing it to 4312 with Aguero. Dont change Yaya he is not your playmaker he is your defensive anchor I used Lahm in that position and he had like 6/7 tackles per game and constatly chasing down players. About Di Maria or Aguero I dont know who to use as striker but you can probably use Di Maria cuz he is so much faster and he can outsprint and cutinside for easy goals atleast thats what I do with with Robben in that position. Aguero will be making deadly fifa coins runs cuz of his trait to break offside trap and Di Maria will score and assist like a madman


New to FIFA and FUT some pointers please (PS4)

Ok so I rented FIFA Coins and played it for the first time in my life and I am in love. I'm a long time HUT player. Couple questions and I appreciate the answers. 1. Checking out players like Messi i see he goes for around 3-4mil coins. Why are FUT players so much more expensive than HUT? 2. What's the best way to earn coins other than buying packs? 3. Do you get completion bonuses and are they coins or packs? 4. How do I trade HUT for FUT coins? 5. Can I apply comsumable cards to improve chemistry? If so what are they called and where are they located? I just want to say I'm so impressed with this game and don't know why I waited so many years to play it! I'll be buying a copy as soon as I have to return the rented copy. Thanks for any and all input if there are any tips please feel free to leave them. Thanks to all for answering my newb questions. 1. There is a glitch where people can glitch coins on their consoles. Also, people have autobuyers on the web app that automatically buys players for a low price which are both not allowed. Plus they would be higher anyway because I guarantee you more people play fut that hut. 2. Play fifa 15 coins games or buy & sell. 3. Not allowed here if I recall correctly. 5. Nope.


How To Get FIFA 14 Coins

Football is a pretty short recreation, but a very exciting a single. It retains you on the edge of your seat till the very last moment. If you are a FIFA Coins supporter, you no lengthier have to wait around for a event to indulge in a session of thrill and fun. The FIFA 14 online video game claims hours of entertaining with your footballer friends. FIFA fourteen is a simulation online video recreation created by EA Canada and revealed by Electronic Arts. In September 2013, it was unveiled for various platforms namely Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Moveable, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Home windows, Wii and Nintendo 3DS video game consoles. It was also accessible as a cost-free-of-cost software for two of the most well-liked functioning systems, Android and iOS. In November 2013, the developers introduced a sport variation for PlayStation four and Xbox One particular. If you have performed the recreation, you have to be common with the rules governing it. A bagful of FIFA fourteen cash is your only ticket to buy gamers and increase your squad. FIFA fourteen coins are also named FUT coins or Greatest Staff. A squad with substantial-performing gamers boosts your chances of winning a event and leveling up by way of on the internet seasons. Gamers often complain that they are brief of recreation money to acquire players inside of the match. If you're one particular of them, below are some exciting and easy methods to generate FIFA 14 coins. Engage in Video games This is an straightforward and lawful method to make FIFA 15 coins cash. For every match you engage in, you will obtain a specific number of coins as a reward based mostly on your functionality or for your participation. The reward you generate at the finish of every match depends on the type of match you choose to enjoy - offline, on the web, one match, match or season. You have to comprehensive the match to collect the reward. The method is fun and easy, but delivers in a small revenue.


Will the TOTY FIFA 15 players be out at same time at any point?

So I am thinking about when to buy packs/open those I have earned. Do you think that the hole TOTY team will be available at any point? Like in the end of the week to get even more people to buy packs. If not when should I open the packs? While the defenders are out, midfielders, attackers? Thanks in advance! Usual in the weekend they are all in packs. Personal my theorie is open packs while defenders are out. Because you still have chance for Ronaldo, Messi and Robben and Di Maria. However this year when midfielders are out, its Ronaldo, Messi, and Robben + Ramos and Neuer you have chance for pulling. So most chance of expensive players is when midfielders are out first hour. However, with all players in packs you have the best chance of course. But then all buy fifa coins players have dropped in price immensely. This is my theory. Its up to you what to deside


My Ideas For Improved FUT 15 Security: Protecting What Really Matters

After changing my password and security question, I was surprised to find out I've been hacked recently. I have never fallen for any phishing scams or given out my Origin credentials anywhere on the internet. I always made sure to use incognito mode in Google Chrome to make sure nothing was stored in my browser cache, which means I would have to open up my e-mail and input a new security code every time I logged into the Web App. I also made sure to never have any other tabs open when I used the Web App. Then I got annoyed at inputting a new security code every time and my club was looted and vandalized after I started using the "Recognize This Computer" option in regular browsing mode recently. It looks like hackers have endless amounts of tricks up their sleeve. I manually dug through my temporary files folder and deleted anything up to the time of the hack. I then did a full scan of my computer for anything potentially harmful and the scan found nothing. As I wait for mercy from an EA fifa 15 coinsgame advisor to bring my club back to its glory days, I thought of a few ways to protect what really matters in FUT, your players and coins! Idea #1: Have an option to make players untradable and unquicksellable. Let's say you just packed Messi. The first thought that comes to your mind is "Jackpot!" and the last thought that crosses your mind is "What if I somehow lose him?" How do you make sure if you somehow get hacked, you'll still have him? You make him untradable and unquicksellable, for as long as you want until you want to sell him. My hope in FIFA 16 is that this option is available. How would it possibly work? Well, the solution is already being used right now for the Web App and it is known as a Security Question. I'm proposing custom security questions for individual players. Theoretically, when you are assigning someone straight out of a pack or from the transfer xafs, there should be an option for making a player untradable or unquicksellable for as long as you want. When you select this option, you must make a custom security question along with an answer. A different question for every player. There should be no way to recover the answer or reset the question. Of course you should write down the question and answers somewhere, but you lads should know the answer to a question about something you'll remember for the rest of your life, like "Who did I lose my virginity to?" It's like putting a no-trade and a no-release clause on a player. Whenever you decide you want to sell the player, you can take the "clauses" off the player by answering the security question again when asked to. I would like the option to be available on both the web app and console, but I would always choose the console knowing that I've never heard of keylogging or harmful files being present on a console. In an ideal world, if someone somehow manages to hack into your account, all they could do is marvel at your collection of IF's and 7-figure players and know that you got your whole crew covered, from Pele to Bendtner. Did I mention they'll be shocked to find out that you're not a virgin? Idea #2: A FUT deposit account for coins I had around 245,000 coins when I got hacked. I put blood, sweat, and tears into my trading sessions on the Web App and FUT season runs. When I saw that I had less than 1k, it felt as if someone pickpocketed me. But what if I was "carrying" no coins at the time? The hacker would've just reached into my empty pockets. In FIFA 16, there should be a FUT deposit account for everybody to secure their coins in. How would this be secured? You guessed it..... Security Questions! With a little twist of course! Whenever you start using the Web App or start playing FIFA 16, you should be asked to make 15 custom security questions for access to the deposit account. Again, I would prefer to do this on a console for the same reasons listed in Idea #1. There should be no way to reset these questions or recover an answer, so write the stuff down! So whenever you want to deposit or withdraw any amount of coins, you should have to answer a random question from the set of 15 you made. Ideally, every time you log off the web app or the console, you should have all your coins in the deposit account. There should be nothing a hacker could steal from you. I hope you enjoyed reading my ideas! FIFA coins is not a perfect game and will never be. Despite our rants and rages, I am sure all of us hope for FIFA to keep moving in the right direction. Hopefully my ideas and some of yours can contribute to future FIFA games.


FIFA 15 Vs. PES 2015: 10 Key Aspects Reviewed And Compared

WIth the football gaming season now in full flow, who currently sits on the throne? The ball floats through the air like a majestic bird in mid flight, 80,000 fans transfixed on its spinning movement. It falls on the chest of a burly centre forward who takes the pace off with an immaculate first touch, spins and recycles the ball out wide to his overlapping left full back who hits it first time. The thumping thud unleashed creates an unstoppable pile-driver that nearly rips through the net. The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos and cheers. This is football. For years, football games have lay stagnant in a self-induced coma. Konami, the once untouchable football simulation kings have struggled with mediocrity ever since the dawn of the seventh generation of consoles, and if you were lucky enough to enjoy their PS2 golden era, it’s extremely hard not to reminisce about the glory days that fans enjoyed for years. Truth be told, the magic of football has been lost with the divide between football purists and casual fans closing and unfortunately blending to form an uneasy hybrid in both series, FIFA coins and Pro Evolution Soccer. With a mixture of great, good and abysmal offerings from both sides, football games were starting to become tedious for fans. PES 2015 has transformed Konami’s fortunes for the future of the series while EA have finally started to sort out the bug-infested mess that was FIFA 15 with some patches. Both games have their flaws but finally, the playing field has been levelled with PES now a serious contender amongst football fans. It might be hard to separate the two games, but that’s where this list comes in.


FIFA 15: 10 Over-Rated Players Who Need Downgrading In January Updates

Sometimes you just have to sit back and wonder how some of EA Sports’ employees deserve to make a living. You also have to wonder if some of the developers at EA are football fans or have access to a television in their caves to see what actually goes on in the real-life version of their leading game. Let’s start off by giving credit where credit is due. FIFA Coins is almost untouchable in the football gaming stakes. Pro Evolution, as quirky as it once was, has severely dropped off since the release of the PlayStation 3 back in 2007. This lack of competition means us football fans, who enjoy a dabble on a console from time to time, have to accept the ratings EA awards as gospel even if we vehemently disagree with them. FIFA’s dominance means they must have the cream of the crop working for them, right? Wrong. Every year the game has glitches and problems that, to a less than expert gamer even, look simple to eradicate. All this before the players’ ratings are taken into consideration. Of course, a dodgy looking player rating isn’t entirely EA’s fault. A player can rope them in with a string of fine displays before going on the most barren of spells that leaves fans and pundits bewildered. These players, that have often just secured a big move after becoming too ‘good’ for their old club, make chairman, managers, supporters and game developers look like morons. It’s a weird food-chain of unfulfilled promise. Here are 10 players that need their ratings decreased when the January updates come into play.


FIFA 15 Tips for trading?

Hello fellow fifa players, I've been playing FUT for little less then a week now, and I think I'm doing allright. This is my team: Begovic, Gibbs, Kaboul, Jones, Rafael Tiote, Arnautovic, Tadic, Mirallas Benteke, Bony Bench and reserves: Fabianski, Williams, Santon, Schneiderlin, Sessegnon, Campbell, Zarate Lovren, Januzaj, Rangel, Ideye Currently I have 10% contract bonus (need to work on this) and 5k coins. -- Now, I want to get into trading and I was hoping I could get cheap fifa 15 coins some pointers. I notice that the difference between the starting bid and buy now is usually ~100 coins, so I guess that's not a really effective way to make money? So, what does a card got to have in order for me to make profit on it? Thanks in advance all, and god I love this game


'FIFA 15’ Video Shows The Best Goals Scored By PS4 Users In 2014

Electronics Arts and FIFA 15 coins are celebrating the new year by putting out a new video which shows some of all around best FIFA 15 goals scored using the Sony PS4 in 2014. Using this kind of promotion isn’t something EA is only doing with FIFA 15. The company has taken to social media for the same kind of approach when it comes to Madden 15 as well. For Madden 15, the company has actually been putting screenshots that have been posted by various users to their Twitter account right into the game. As GameChup points out, the video is a collection of clips that were uploaded by the PS4 community when they wanted to show off their exploits using FIFA 15. The year-end video is a collection that has been put to music and made to look as though it were actually real game highlights. The fantastic graphics help that goal of making it look as though these are not part of a FIFA 15 video game, but real life. As VG24/7 points out, the FIFA 15 video is only made up of people who actually submitted their videos, and we can only imagine the goals that were scored in FIFA 15 in 2014 that were never submitted. EA seems to understand this issue, and along with the video, has attempted to draw more attention to the fact that the company is looking for more people to submit their best goals scored in FIFA 15. One of the reasons EA wants to make sure it is promoting the goals being scored by users is because of the huge fandom that surrounds this game. In fact, it shouldn’t be taken for granted that Madden 15 and this game are the two that EA is working so hard to promote, even while the titles have been on the xafs for a while. FIFA games in general are always incredibly popular in the UK and the rest of Europe. Madden 15 is incredibly popular in the U.S., but the sales in North America really can’t even compete to the sales of the soccer series abroad. Ukie releases a sales chart at the beginning of every week showing the previous weeks numbers, and right up until the release of this year’s game, FIFA 14 was still making a run towards the top of the list. That is one of the reasons Electronic Arts has also been doing a weekly collection of these goals. The company clearly knows how to keep fans happy and active when it comes to FIFA 15.


FIFA 15 Bad proportions

As i'm spending 3 mil on fifa coins players on the 12th and figuring out which team i want to go with I see a priceproportion-"problem" within the leagues between the Ronaldo and Messi and the standard Aguero teams. As i think informs are wasted unless there are positions change-ifs like Silva and Muller, and they are the one who is more expensive than the nifs (except ronaldo,messi which i cant afford right now anyway) im wondering which Nif-only team could i get for 3 mil during the toty-crash? hybrid or not the team has to be that expensive without ifs. Preferably 41212(1) or F9. Happy new year and lets not rage over a game anymore Depends what the prices will be on the 12th....all up in the air with this. I would help you but your demands are too unreasonable with the whole has to be 3 mil on the 12th thing!

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