get cheap or free fifa 15 coins

get cheap or free fifa 15 coins


XBox One 1v1 FIFA 15 League (Non-FUT) signups are open

After our moderator decided to double the prize pool for this, I decided I need to start advertising this a bit more to get everyone a chance. I posted on PSN, but I know a lot of the PSN guys stay on the General Discussion boards so I wanted to make sure everyone saw this and got a chance to enter. Just going to copy and paste over from the other message. Registration is now open buy fifa 15 coins! -- **Big thanks to our mod BoltStrikes for offering to DOUBLE the prize pool putting it up to 600k now!** **Also please not the rule change that we are now allowing TOTY Players in the tournament** I had a thread in here a few weeks back when our stream first started, but I figured I would create a new one for our big event we are hosting tomorrow (Friday 1/23)! Our stream has gone from 0 followers to 650 in 3 weeks and has had much success thus far. To give back to all of you guys (as a lot of our viewers came here from the forums originally), we are hosting a FUT Knockout Tournament w/ up to a 600k (depending on size) payout all supplied from us! To clarify, signing up and participating is completely FREE for you and you have a good shot at winning a large amount of coins. We will also have many, many other giveaways throughout the day as we do every single day, so if you can't play, or get knocked out early you should certainly consider sticking around! I'm going to keep this short, as I have created a Google DOC with ALL the information if you are interested. I will post a registration link here at around 1130am PST / 730pm UK Friday, and the registration will close 230pm PST / 1030pm UK Friday. We plan to start the tournament 15 minutes after that. If you would like to participate but cannot make the registration slot for some reason, please DM me on Twitter and I will do my best to accommodate you. All the details can be found below, remember that you must be following us on Twitch and Twitter to be involved. Good luck to all, and hope to see some new fifa coins faces!

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