get cheap or free fifa 15 coins

get cheap or free fifa 15 coins


Hosting FIFA 15 Pack Opening only Tournament. Details below

Sup everyone!! I thought it would be fun setting up a 50 premium gold pack, "pack only player" FUT tournament. Meaning, the participants will crack open 50 premium gold packs, and put together a team using the players you got in the fifa 15 coins packs!! It will be a 10 team tournament, and a home and away double elimination tournament! Hopefully, people will be honest enough not to cheat, even if it's to get a cheap stud like ibarbo... So, I'm requesting everyone post their team, and show they are the"1st owner" along with today's date. This is for the ps4 system Winner will get 100k, runner up gets 50k!! The reason I decided to set this up is, A. I'd like to see just how good people are on lower rated teams. B. Finding a reason to play with players we usually discard and sell while opening packs. C. I'm curious to see who we pull, and how creative people get with these teams,. D. A friend and u did this last week, and we had a real life money wager on our own tournament. Well, his team lucked out and got aguero, along with Dea Gea in goal, Cuadrado, Remy, IF smalling, Zabelleta, and walcott.. I made a hybrid team with my best player, UP Boateng, Ibarbo lol, hamsik, Bender brothers, Hummels, IF Trapp, schmelzer, pizseck, etc. He won on a way aggregate, but it was a blast! If the tournament is a success, and those involved enjoy it, we can set up more pack only player tournaments like this featuring the same players, or we can add more packs to the teams, etc.. The first 9 people to respond on here will be entered in the tourny. You must add everyone as a friend, join the party when ready, be willing to post your 1st owner pic of team, Also, a headset would be nice.. Oh, forgot to mention, I will personally reward the person with the most valuable packed player pulled, and the highest rated player pulled! If that person is me, well guess that means I'll reward myself with a couple shots of vodka lol. Once again, this is on the fifa 15 coins ps4 system

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