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3-5-1 FIFA Formation

The 3-5-1 formation in Fifa 15 coins is new to me. I've figured out as much as the formation allowing three goals being scored against my team without much trouble. I'm guessing the 3-5-1 is not a formation to choose when considering defense? Thoughts are appreciated. 3 5 1 isn't a formation unless you've had a man sent off, you may have meant 3 5 2. 3 5 2 is a good formation for maintaining midfield dominance while making use of good forwards. Firstly it has a solid defensive component because there is always a spare man. Usually other formations will have a front 2 or lone striker acting centrally. Having a spare man means you'll always be able to double up on a forward. It also places emphasis on natural wing backs as opposed to attacking minded full backs. The wing backs more or less are just deep lying wingers. Think Rafael, or the way Van Gaal has used Ashley Young this season. It's a very good formation if you're looking to dictate tempo or have a quick get out option in wide areas and its a solid formation in containg a 4 2 3 1. Deep lying play makers can thrive in this formation, think Pirlo. As for weaknesses, it's suspect at the back IF your back 3 aren't possitionally astute. If one of them gets dragged in midfield or goes missing it leaves massive holes because the formation has no full backs. Teams that use it today? Van Gaal used it very often this season with United but United's defense is terrible so they stopped. Juve used it for 3 buy fifa coins ps4 years runnin from 2012 and so idid Napoli when Cavani was still in the ranks. Most recent good application of it was the 2014 world cup, the Netherlands used it vs Spain

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