get cheap or free fifa 15 coins

get cheap or free fifa 15 coins



EA Sports have updated FUT 15 coins with all of the new winter transfers from players moving clubs in the January transfer window to their respected new clubs. You can see all of the players that have been confirmed as movers including Bony to Manchester City on the game below in the neat table. With the transfer window in full swing and still open for possible moves, the developers are going to update all club swapping from now until it closes so that Ultimate Team stays up to date. The old cards with any of the transferred players old club will still be available in FUT along with the new updated card. Your old item won’t be updated but instead you’ll have to pack the new version of the players club. EA Sports will also be doing upgraded stats for players shortly in the next week or so, which will mean some players will go up in overall rating whilst others will stall. Make sure to look out for that and we’ll keep you updated on all the news surrounding FUT right here on the official fifa coins website and on our social platforms.


I cant explain to myself why people play 5212 park the FIFA 15 bus

Started the final cup fifa coins xbox 360 game of the tournament and I see 5212 formation.. Then I see how he is managing his tactics.... I see his squad Aguaro/Sturridge/Di Maria and everything that has pace from BPL... Then to make matters worse he puts Park the bus and I know when I play against that... On top of that he was trully awful he passed to aguero and run towards the corner same thign with sturridge.. I scored from a first time shot that I though was offside ( never stop playing !!!) and in the second half I showed him that I can play dirty too... But why people play like that. He was really bad and he had 0 shots at goal in first half.. The second one he actually tried to play.. The game finished 1-0 and was trully trully awful.. No enjoyment no attacks and expect for the goal i scored and one crossbar that was it... I was raging that I had my headset in the other room and I could not talk to that guy If he's happy enough with it then your opinion on him probably doesn't matter. You play your way and others will play fifa 15 coins theirs.


EA Server Down February 6, 2015 – FIFA 15 FUT

Update 12 PM: EA Servers are reportedly back up and running but some users are still reporting problems playing FIFA coins xbox 360 online. We suggest that you power off your consoles and plug it out for one minute and try again. EA Sports servers are currently for at least the last four hours on Friday February 6, 2015. At the time of this publication several visitors to Full FIFA have reported that they are unable to play FIFA 15 online friendlies, seasons or Ultimate Team. “The EA servers are not available at this time. Please try again later,” is the message FIFA players are getting when trying to play online. EA Sports FIFA twitter page has also reported some problems on XBox One but PlayStation users are also reporting buy fifa 15 coins ios problems.


Won a FIFA 15 game and I lost

Just played a game, I won 7-2 and the game says that I lost my connection in FUT mode, and the game count as I quit and I can get a penalization for this, I didnt quit, I didnt lost my connection, this is not the first time that this happens to me, Im noticed that there in FIFA 14 were a kind of glitch that people quit or something like that, is that possible to do that in FIFA 15 coins?, Im tired of this, I have no much time to play because my work and when I play is not worth it and the penalization is for me??. My internet is 100% good, never got disconnected from my internet, Im not here in general section to request a fix (in case this is a glitch) and Im not here to cry about this, I'm here just to get noticed about this issue with the unskiled players that I play with. Sorry for my English, Im from Argentina, have a nice day fifa coins guys!


Fifa 15 Co-op seasons disconnection PS3

Hi there, Myself and a friend play Fifa 15 coins co-op seasons daily. Both of our PS3's are connected by LAN and have a download speed of 150Mbps+ and upload speed of 19Mbps+ and have the latest firmware 4.66. We also have the latest Fifa Update, Squad Update, Online Team Update etc. We can play against one another or even play ultimate team and never get disconnected but when we are playing co-op seasons matches, we get disconnected at least 3 times per season. We never get signed out of the PSN or EA servers. Once the disconnection happens, we are thrown back into the lobby and can hear one another over our mics. Is there anyone else that is having issues similar to ours as playing co-op is getting frustrating and its not joyful. The only way we can buy fifa coins really win a game is to put as many goals past the opposition and force them to quit. This issue needs to be sorted ASAP!!


One touch passing, FIFA 15 skill or not?

Just played against somebody who had 95% pass accuracy, he one touch passed the ball around and at the end of it, did a through ball or lob to Aubameyang who was on 7 chem in * position, I literally couldn't get the ball at all, his passing felt like it was being hit at 99mph to each cheap fifa coins player. Now, do people think one touch passing is skill? Think about this, the amount of time it takes you to control your player and move him towards the opposition is more than one second but one touch passing is near enough instant which gives you simply no time to even switch players. Sounds like he COMPLETELY dominated you. 95% pass accuracy shouldn't even happen when someone rage quits and sets the controller down.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team teases TOTY loan players

In an effort to spice up the real world Premier League transfer deadline day, EA Sports’ buy FIFA 15 coins twitter account has teased some TOTY loan players for Ultimate Team. It’s also giving some away in a ‘retweeting’ promotion. Here’s the initial tweet about the Team of the Year loan possibilities: When asked when these players would be available as loan options, the twitter account just directed people to the general FIFA 15 Ultimate Team news and updates page. That rather implies that they’ll be coming as a general option for all players in a future update (perhaps the one which will add the currently ongoing deadline day deals.) However, the same twitter account is also running 50 match loan ‘giveaways’ on the four players shown in the image above. They’re encouraging people to retweet in order to win loan versions of Kroos, Robben, Messi and Ronaldo. Given the number of retweets already, though, the chances of winning don’t seem particularly high. Ronaldo’s already has close to 12,000 and (at the time of writing) it’s been up for less than a minute. Hopefully this giveaway promotion isn’t the only way people will be able to get hold of these players as FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins loan options.


FIFA 15 the biggest disaster of all FIFA

This fifa is a total failure of of ea. They literally this game worse than FIFA 14 Coins. Spoke of how it will be better and it is in all respects by the disaster. If the same again 16 I went to the PES (and it will happen for the first time) Make every effort to and improve. Do not speak in an empty what will be better if you do not. This year you have a lot of buyers set ourselves slap in the face. Let this be an incentive for the future. This year mainly on techniques for fifa The problem is, and always we'll be the contstant pressure and relentless pace that is allowed year on year. I only started playing online recently and only play as Birmingham so I can't comment and on how good or otherwise Real are but, although I've made it up to division 4 and am on the verge of 3 the game is not enjoyable because it's impossible to play any game at less than 90mph/kph. If they just implemented a sensible stanima system it would all be fine. Any player running around at full pace should be exhausted by half time. The whole fifa coins team being unable to run in the second half would make everyone use pace/pressure/agression far less. More like real football.


XBox One 1v1 FIFA 15 League (Non-FUT) signups are open

After our moderator decided to double the prize pool for this, I decided I need to start advertising this a bit more to get everyone a chance. I posted on PSN, but I know a lot of the PSN guys stay on the General Discussion boards so I wanted to make sure everyone saw this and got a chance to enter. Just going to copy and paste over from the other message. Registration is now open buy fifa 15 coins! -- **Big thanks to our mod BoltStrikes for offering to DOUBLE the prize pool putting it up to 600k now!** **Also please not the rule change that we are now allowing TOTY Players in the tournament** I had a thread in here a few weeks back when our stream first started, but I figured I would create a new one for our big event we are hosting tomorrow (Friday 1/23)! Our stream has gone from 0 followers to 650 in 3 weeks and has had much success thus far. To give back to all of you guys (as a lot of our viewers came here from the forums originally), we are hosting a FUT Knockout Tournament w/ up to a 600k (depending on size) payout all supplied from us! To clarify, signing up and participating is completely FREE for you and you have a good shot at winning a large amount of coins. We will also have many, many other giveaways throughout the day as we do every single day, so if you can't play, or get knocked out early you should certainly consider sticking around! I'm going to keep this short, as I have created a Google DOC with ALL the information if you are interested. I will post a registration link here at around 1130am PST / 730pm UK Friday, and the registration will close 230pm PST / 1030pm UK Friday. We plan to start the tournament 15 minutes after that. If you would like to participate but cannot make the registration slot for some reason, please DM me on Twitter and I will do my best to accommodate you. All the details can be found below, remember that you must be following us on Twitch and Twitter to be involved. Good luck to all, and hope to see some new fifa coins faces!


FIFA 15 Games are too long and you don't get paid enough

The standard FIFA games used to be 4 minute halves for years, but now we play 6 minute halves ( a whole other half) and get paid jack * for our efforts. Even winning division one which is an almighty and stressful feat you get cheap fifa coins paid chump change. If I play 2 games, it takes over a half hour of non stop action and I get a measly 1000 coins. No wonder people spend most of their time not actually playing, but working the transfer xafs, or buying coins from a third party site. We should get rewarded more for actually playing. I agree with the not getting paid enough. We need to get more for winning D1 and games. 500 a game and 15k for winning D1 is not even close to enough. Should be at least a tradable 50k pack. Match coins in general should be worth more. You pretty much have to play all year non-stop to afford high end teams, be good at trading, or spend money. Of course we already know which EA would rather you do. That's why I wouldn't expect any changes fifa 15 coins.

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