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FIFA 15 Games are too long and you don't get paid enough

The standard FIFA games used to be 4 minute halves for years, but now we play 6 minute halves ( a whole other half) and get paid jack * for our efforts. Even winning division one which is an almighty and stressful feat you get cheap fifa coins paid chump change. If I play 2 games, it takes over a half hour of non stop action and I get a measly 1000 coins. No wonder people spend most of their time not actually playing, but working the transfer market, or buying coins from a third party site. We should get rewarded more for actually playing. I agree with the not getting paid enough. We need to get more for winning D1 and games. 500 a game and 15k for winning D1 is not even close to enough. Should be at least a tradable 50k pack. Match coins in general should be worth more. You pretty much have to play all year non-stop to afford high end teams, be good at trading, or spend money. Of course we already know which EA would rather you do. That's why I wouldn't expect any changes fifa 15 coins.

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25/01/2015 10:20