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Fifa 15 Co-op seasons disconnection PS3

Hi there, Myself and a friend play Fifa 15 coins co-op seasons daily. Both of our PS3's are connected by LAN and have a download speed of 150Mbps+ and upload speed of 19Mbps+ and have the latest firmware 4.66. We also have the latest Fifa Update, Squad Update, Online Team Update etc. We can play against one another or even play ultimate team and never get disconnected but when we are playing co-op seasons matches, we get disconnected at least 3 times per season. We never get signed out of the PSN or EA servers. Once the disconnection happens, we are thrown back into the lobby and can hear one another over our mics. Is there anyone else that is having issues similar to ours as playing co-op is getting frustrating and its not joyful. The only way we can buy fifa coins really win a game is to put as many goals past the opposition and force them to quit. This issue needs to be sorted ASAP!!

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05/02/2015 12:44