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Won a FIFA 15 game and I lost

Just played a game, I won 7-2 and the game says that I lost my connection in FUT mode, and the game count as I quit and I can get a penalization for this, I didnt quit, I didnt lost my connection, this is not the first time that this happens to me, Im noticed that there in FIFA 14 were a kind of glitch that people quit or something like that, is that possible to do that in FIFA 15 coins?, Im tired of this, I have no much time to play because my work and when I play is not worth it and the penalization is for me??. My internet is 100% good, never got disconnected from my internet, Im not here in general section to request a fix (in case this is a glitch) and Im not here to cry about this, I'm here just to get noticed about this issue with the unskiled players that I play with. Sorry for my English, Im from Argentina, have a nice day fifa coins guys!

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06/02/2015 14:52