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I cant explain to myself why people play 5212 park the FIFA 15 bus

Started the final cup fifa coins xbox 360 game of the tournament and I see 5212 formation.. Then I see how he is managing his tactics.... I see his squad Aguaro/Sturridge/Di Maria and everything that has pace from BPL... Then to make matters worse he puts Park the bus and I know when I play against that... On top of that he was trully awful he passed to aguero and run towards the corner same thign with sturridge.. I scored from a first time shot that I though was offside ( never stop playing !!!) and in the second half I showed him that I can play dirty too... But why people play like that. He was really bad and he had 0 shots at goal in first half.. The second one he actually tried to play.. The game finished 1-0 and was trully trully awful.. No enjoyment no attacks and expect for the goal i scored and one crossbar that was it... I was raging that I had my headset in the other room and I could not talk to that guy If he's happy enough with it then your opinion on him probably doesn't matter. You play your way and others will play fifa 15 coins theirs.

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11/02/2015 12:49