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Diary of a Fifa Nub

I suck donkey balls and i know it but that doesnt mean i dont want to improve - Unlike 95% of the forumers here who seem to have god like buy fifa coins records and countless trophies im just your average run of the mill player you meet daily ingame... W145 - D93 - L133 (Divisions Only) Thats my record id say i deserved to lose around half of those games to superior opponents and i always tell them that on mic rather than scream and rant like some ive met lol - I have ALOT of draws and id say 90% are 0-0 where i couldnt kill them off and there GK got a 9.8 Superman Show Been in division 1 a few times just to drop out again but no fault other than my own because im CONSTANTLY changing my formation and players i mean i must have bought and sold the top 100 players in the game at least 10x lol Getting tired of this now but i refuse to give up playing a game i love sooooo rather than moan and curse EA for the obvious issues we all have some point id appreciate some advice or even help on what i should do to get out of this rut and back to enjoying the game again PS. Soz for any Caps ive used and please feel free to comment fifa coins if you feel it would help

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02/03/2015 13:17