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Best (out of position) FIFA 15 CAM

I'm looking for a CAM to build a team around in a 4-2-3-1 (2) formation. I have noticed certain players that are not designated as CAM's are very good fifa 15 coins pc in this position. Pogba for example was amazing for me playing there. I heard Touré also stands out as a CAM but have not been able to try him yet. So far I have played Gotze, James, Fabregas, Schweinsteiger and Pogba as CAM's. What are your suggestions on the best players for the CAM position, that you've used? I don't mind having a converted striker or CDM in this position or even a winger at a lower chemistry rating (provided that they are better then a CAM on full chem). Probably gonna give fifa coins Jovetic a try! I agree that suarez looks amazing as a CAM but unfortunately, I cant afford him yet. Rooney also seems like a very suitable (cheaper) alternative to play at this position. Might try him aswell.

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05/03/2015 03:44