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Think the cap is bad FIFA 15 idea

dont get me wrong I do like it but same question just keeps buy fifa coins pc going over and over in my head. Have ea beat coin sellers I think they have not. So Fut 16 starts say messi is 1 million max. And the coin glich is still there who is really gaining out the market. The time it takes someone to trade to 1 mill got to be fast. And it wil be same with all high end players really as a coin seller can generate millions a day were the average gamer can't. So to me the ones that really gain out the situation are the coin sellers that are buying the Ronaldo messi for there max and the ones that actually pull them giving them the generated coins. I could be wrong but if this glich is stil there for fifa 16 then coin sellers instantly have the market under control even if they can sell coins. There going to use them accounts to sell them with the players intact.

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11/03/2015 14:23