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The "How to get FIFA silver green irish players" Thread

Hey guys, don't think I've ever made a thread over here and haven't been on the forums for almost 2 years I think, but anyway.. Since I got every Irish silver player + some duplicates 4 duplicate Stokes, a Westwood, Given cheap fifa 15 coins, Dunne and Duff on my tradepile I'm here to help you! Do the following: 1. Put in 10 000 Lowest Bin, 20 500 max Bin 2. put in ROI and silver in your search 3. go to the card that is the nearest to the 59th, ideally a card over 59th min 4. press Y (or the equivalent on PS) so you go to your watchlist, press B so you come back to the search. That way the cards will update and if a green card pops up, you only need to bin it it will be gone in matter of seconds, so be fast 5. Repeat Enjoy and good luck buy fifa coins!

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17/03/2015 02:43